Benoit Dezecot has been in both the restaurant business and wine trade for over 11 years, having worked in France and the UK. His vast knowledge of wine is reflected in the extensive range of wine & champagnes available at Le Pinardier.

Customers can buy wine to drink on the premises or to take away.

Located in the heart of the coastal town of Deal, Le Pinardier has a regular program of live music & art exhibitions.

Le Pinardier wine bar & shop takes it’s name from in the first instance, a Naval vessel built specifically for transporting  large quantities of wine in its tanks. It is also widely used in France as a name for a wine seller. With it’s reduced tonnage, usually no bigger than a coaster, the Pinardier had an advanced piping system to fill it’s large tanks. They had their hour of glory in the second half of the twentieth century, frequently taking the route between the Maghreb and the French ports (Sète, Marseille, Rouen). The Pinarders also exported Bordeaux and Loire region wines to Nantes and Bordeaux.

Their decline was mainly due to increasingly drastic safety standards on the transport of foodstuffs, the numerous costs involved became prohibitive & unsustainable. Their decline can also be explained by the fact that the wine trade is no longer bulked, as wines are mostly bottled at the place of production.

‘The Swell of the Pinardier’
Poem by Gregory Clusman

There is the wind that grows in the mainsail,
On a tormented ocean.
We ring the knell, but despite the blades,
Nothing will make it capsize.

Road to Spain to pump,
White the red, dry or sweet,
Once in the hold, well negotiated,
Weave the canvas to sail.

On the return we will descend,
In “class pinards” at will,
If outside there is heavy weather,
For us the swell, it is all below.

In the hold, well shaken,
Steam perfumes the whole ship.
The pale captain that he was,
The mad guard is stowed.

Once returned, the wine remaining recovered,
By traders and market gardeners.
We will always clean butter,
The empty cellars of this beautiful pinardier.